Grand plantation homes and private residences are not the only areas containing paranormal activity. Active businesses that may have also served as alternate establishments in the past are also often home to strange happenings! These locations are also great public locations that you can frequent as well, not only giving the owners some added business, but also gives you the opportunity to have a ghostly experience of your own!




-Sisters Restaurant (Pineville, LA) pdf (Report)

-Village Salon (Grand Cane, LA) pdf (Report) | audio ("I'm Not Crazy") ("You'll Pay")

-Bailey's Theater/Bar (Marksville, LA) pdf (Report)

-Elizabeth Town Hall (Elizabeth, LA) pdf (Report)

-Pollock Town Hall (Pollock, LA) pdf (Report) | film (News Story 1) (News Story 2) (News Story 3)

-Rendall/Caliente Building (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report)

-Village Restaurant (Grand Cane, LA) pdf (Report) | film (Light Anomaly)

-Pat O'Brien's Bar (New Orleans, LA) pdf (Report)

-Davis and Co. Store #1 (Farmerville, LA) pdf (Report) | audio ("No") ("I Am Here") (Child's Voice) ("Heaven") ("Go Away")

-Plantation Treasures (Natchitoches, LA) pdf (Report)

-King's Tavern (Natchez, MS) pdf (Report)

-Daulphine Orleans Hotel (New Orleans, LA) pdf (Report)

-Clear Springs Restaurant (Nacogdoches, TX) pdf (Report)

-Muriel's Restaurant (New Orleans, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Knocks 1) (Knocks 2) (Moan) ("Thank You")

-Cafe Vermillionville (Lafayette, LA) pdf (Report) | film (Flashlight Response)

-Abbey Players Theater (Abbeville, LA) pdf (Report) | audio ("Hi, Hi") ("I'm Back")

-Little Theater (Opelousas, LA) pdf (Report)

-Boskeez Grill (Gillis, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Whisper)

-Precious Memories Gift Shop (Sulphur, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Moan)

-Steamboat Restaurant (Washington, LA) pdf (Report)

-St. John Theater (Reserve, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Giggle)

-Rose Theater (Bastrop, LA) pdf (Report)

-Happy Hippie Restaurant (Lake Charles, LA) pdf (Report) | audio ("Wake Up")

-Rose Theater Follow-Up (Bastrop, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3) (Audio 4)

-Sevendipity Restaurant (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report)

-Karpeles Library Museum (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3)

-Karpeles Museum Follow-Up (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3) (Audio 4)

-Voodoo Cafe (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3) (Audio 4) (Audio 5) (Audio 6)

-Chicago Club (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3) (Audio 4)

-Sevendipity Restaurant Follow-Up (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2)

-Karpeles Museum 2nd Follow-Up (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2)

-Crowley City Hall (Crowley, LA) pdf (Report)

-Rice Theatre (Crowley, LA) pdf (Report)

-J.T. Neal Body Shop (Haughton, LA) pdf (Report)

-Undisclosed Commercial Building (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (.ZIP file containing 7 audio clips)

-Undisclosed Museum (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3) (Audio 4)

-Museum Revisit (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1)(Audio 2)(Audio 3)(Audio 4)(Audio 5)(Audio 6)(Audio 7)

-KBON 101.1 Radio Station (Eunice, LA) pdf (Report)

New-The Den (Alexandria, LA) pdf (Report)

New-Undisclosed Commercial Building (Shreveport, LA) pdf(Report) | audio (.ZIP file containing 8 audio clips)



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