Paranormal 101


Please click the below listed articles for very helpful information regarding such areas such as paranormal investigating, cryptozoology, demonology, and more! Much of the information below has been compiled by multiple sources. Any Louisiana Spirits copyright notes are strictly for our logo and name. The information listed in these documents is not copyrighted by Louisiana Spirits in any way.




-What is a Ghost? pdf (Article)

-When to Research? pdf (Article)

-Personal Emotions pdf (Article)

-Orbs pdf (Article)

-Intelligent Haunts pdf (Article)

-Poltergeists pdf (Article)

-Matrixing pdf (Article)

-Fee Fo Lais pdf (Article)

-Pareidolia pdf (Article)




-Electromagnetic Energy pdf (Article)

-Conducting EVP Work pdf (Article)

-Filming During an Investigation pdf (Article)

-Colors of Noise pdf (Article)

-IR Cameras pdf (Article)

-Moon Phases, Storms, Etc. pdf (Article)

-Ghosts and the Weather pdf (Article)




-Demonology 101 pdf (Article)

-Demonic Family Tree pdf (Article)

-Ranks of Hell pdf (Article)

-Types of Possessions pdf (Article)

-Exorcisms pdf (Article)




-Types of Sensitives pdf (Article)

-Remote Viewing pdf (Article)

-Deja Vu pdf (Article)

-Psychometry pdf (Article)

-Kirlian Photography pdf (Article)

-Reverse Speech pdf (Article)

-Reiki pdf (Article)




-Voodoo 101 pdf (Article)

-Voodoo 102 pdf (Article)

-Ouija: How Does it Work? pdf (Article)

-Amulets, Charms, Etc. pdf (Article)

-Candle Lore pdf (Article)

-Curses pdf (Article)




-Loup Garou pdf (Article)

-Bigfoot pdf (Article)

-The Mothman pdf (Article)

-Loch Ness Monster pdf (Article)

-Swamp Monster pdf (Article)

-Chupacabra pdf (Article)

-Jersey Devil pdf (Article)

-Skyfish pdf (Article)


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