Louisiana is known for some of its most beautiful and historical plantation homes in the country. As with any area in Louisiana that is enriched with history, hauntings are not far away! "Louisiana Spirits" has been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to investigate some of these wonderful locations!





-Oak Alley Plantation (Vacherie, LA) pdf (Report) | ("Oh No") ("No") ("No" 2)

-Oak Alley Follow-Up (Vacherie, LA) pdf (Report) | audio ("Help Us") ("Get Ya") ("Killed Us") film (EMF Spikes)

-Jefferson Hotel (Jefferson, TX) pdf (Report) | film (EMF Spikes)

-Logan Mansion (Shreveport, LA ) pdf (Report)

-Joseph Jefferson Mansion (New Iberia, LA) pdf (Report) | film (Intelligent Light Anomaly)

-Joseph Jefferson Follow-Up (New Iberia, LA) pdf (Report) | film (Moving Bottle)

-San Francisco Plantation (Destrehan, LA) pdf (Report)

-Ormond Plantation (Destrehan, LA) pdf (Report)

-Bienvenue House (St. Martinville, LA) pdf (Report) | audio ("Gette Pas/Don't Look")

-Southern Colonial B&B (Winnfield, LA) pdf (Report)

-Shadows on the Teche (New Iberia, LA) pdf (Report) |

-Loyd's Hall Plantation (Cheneyville, LA) pdf (Report) | film (Luminol Test)

-Ducros Plantation (Thibodaux, LA) pdf (Report)

-Oakley Plantation (St. Fracisville, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Guitar Strum) (Humming) ("Standing Here") ("I See Where He Is")

-Nottoway Plantation (White Castle, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Unknown)

-Michelle Prudhomme House pdf (Report)

-Edgewood Plantation #1 (Farmerville, LA) pdf (Report)

-Edgewood Plantation #2 (Farmerville, LA) pdf (Report)

-Edgewood Plantation #3 (Farmerille, LA) pdf (Report)

-Tyrone Plantation (Alexandria, LA) pdf (Report)

-Forry Plantation (Mangham, LA) pdf (Report)

-Forry Plantation (Mangham, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3) (Audio 4) (Audio 5) (Audio 6) (Audio 7)

-Edgewood Plantation #4 (Farmerville, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3) (Audio 4) (Audio 5)

-Edgewood Plantation #5 (Farmerville, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (Audio 1) (Audio 2) (Audio 3)

-Logan Mansion (Shreveport, LA) pdf (Report) | audio (.ZIP file containing 12 audio clips)

-T'Frere's B&B (Lafayette, LA) pdf (Report) | audio ("Amelie") (slower) ("Yes") | film (Rem Pod 1) (Rem Pod 2) (Rem Pod 3)

New-Oakland Plantation (Haughton, LA) pdf (Report)



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