Brad Duplechien

Founder/Webmaster (brad@laspirits.com)

Please see our coverage map below. If you are interested in joining or need to request an investigation, please click the pushpin of the chapter nearest you from the map below. With chapters homebased out of Shreveport, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and now New Orleans, we can quickly assist you!


Brandon Thomas

Co-Founder (bthomas@laspirits.com)

In addition to our quality investigative services, we are also available for conferences, lectures, and other speaking engagements. Contact any one of us to set up an appointment!

Name You Can Trust

John Combs

Director of Research & Operations (jcombs@laspirits.com)

As Director of Research & Operations, I maintain, revise, and catalogue all investigation reports and client/investigator paperwork, ensuring that all reports are professionally delivered and explained to the clients. This method has proven to broaden our referral program, as we do not just leave our clients with a "yes/no" answer. In addition, I oversee the day to day operations of Case Managers and their members.




Top News

  • -GeoSpirits: Our interactive haunted locations map is now online!

-We have now expanded to a much needed NOLA Chapter!


-Check out this awesome news story, as LaSpirits assist local law enforcement in solidifying the arrest of a murderer/rapist!

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Latest Updates

Last updated on: December 16, 2014

Note on Membership

We are currently seeking new potential members for the Central and our new NOLA Chapter. For more info, e-mail membership@laspirits.com

New Investigations Added!

T'Frere's B&B, Logan Mansion, Shreveport, Sarepta and Benton Private Residence Investigations added!

New Members Added!

Welcome William Maxwell Wallace, Jodie Smith, Julie St. Amant and Tricia Reed to Louisiana Spirits!