Hello and welcome to the ALL NEW website of Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations! We are a serious group of professional and analytical individuals, dedicated to the investigating and research of paranormal activity. If you, or someone you know, are dealing with paranormal activity in your home or business, please contact us! All of our services are free of charge and remain confidential unless you give consent to publish our findings.


Message From the Founders

Hello, we are Brad Duplechien and Brandon Thomas, Founders of LaSpirits. We strive to be the premiere paranormal investigative group in Louisiana. We created this group not only to seek answers for ourselves, but to educate and assist others in a field that is respected by few, yet intriguing to all. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us!

Statewide Coverage

Statewide Coverage

We are proud to be the only paranormal investigative group in the state that regularly covers every inch of Louisiana! By being divided into six fully functional and self-contained chapters, we can easily dispatch a team to any location in the state.

Name You Can Trust

A Name You Can Trust

Boasting one of the largest caseloads of any group in the country, we are proud to be Louisiana's oldest and most structured investigative team with a reputation that is second to none! We provide confidential and professional services to our clients consisting of quality investigations, detailed reports, and courteous follow-ups, putting our referral system in a league of its own.

GeoSpirits is Here!!

TAPS Family

We are proud to announce the launch of GeoSpirits: an interactive mapping system "For you, BAYOU"! View nearly 3,000 reportedly haunted locations across the United States in their exact geographical locations. Can't find a location, submit your own to be added! Click below for more!

Social Media

LaSpirits TV

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Paranormal Uncensored

Paranormal Uncensored

Click below to check out LaSpirits' Founder, Brad Duplechien's, book, "Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting." This book is one of the few out there that combines paranormal investigating basics, haunted tales throughout Louisiana and the plethora of drama and dirty tactics that take place in the field. Get your copy today!







The Full Spectrum Project

Store Front

Join us LIVE every Monday night from 9pm-11pm CST for The Full Spectrum Project. Be prepared for a one-of-a-kind radio program, as Brad and Pete finally bring some much needed truth, not only to the paranormal community, but to the general public. Tune in to or as the FSP will hold no punches! Brad and Pete will cover everything from the current state of the paranormal community, ufology, cryptozoology, horror movies and the corruptness that is our wonderful government. You can also download the Supernatural Radio Network station via the Tune In Radio app available at iTunes or Google Play.



Top News

  • -GeoSpirits: Our interactive haunted locations map is now online!

-We have now expanded to a much needed NOLA Chapter!


-Check us out every Monday night from 9pm-11pm CST for The Full Spectrum Project, a controversial new internet radio show that is sure to be a first of its kind! Click below to listen. Visit or for more!


Latest Updates

Last updated on: November 19, 2015

Note on Membership

We are currently seeking new potential members for the Central and our new NOLA Chapter. For more info, e-mail

New Investigations Added!

The Den, Shreveport Commercial Building, Haughton and Coushatta Private Residence Investigations added!

New Members Added!

Welcome Tiffany Gonzalez, Kris Van Dyke and Jake Potts to Louisiana Spirits!