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From the bustling city life to the dark and eerie swamps, there's a certain mystique that is uniquely Louisiana. As with any area enriched with mystery and intrigue, tales of haunted history are always abound. Louisiana is definitely not the exception, as it claims to be one of the most haunted states in the country. Paranormal enthusiasts from all around flock to Louisiana, as the hobby rapidly flourishes. Unfortunately, with an increase in groups, there lies an extremely diverse array of personalities, waiting to clash. Such a popular field is often portrayed on television as being constantly exciting and carefree, which isn't always the case.


Paranormal Uncensored is a raw, yet informative, look at Louisiana ghost hunting, and is perfect for anyone curious about the people who chase the unknown. For those just getting started in the hobby, Paranormal Uncensored gives an in-depth look into the paranormal, detailing the basics of ghost-hunting, such as equipment used, and to provide an explanation for the most common false results often obtained. For the seasoned investigators, true ghost stories and information on some of Louisiana's most infamously haunted locations are given. Finally, Brad then entertains the readers by telling some of the humorous stories about the community of ghost-enthusiasts. With the interest in the paranormal at an all time high, this book is sure to entertain a wide range of readers!




"Have you been thinking of joining a paranormal group? Or thinking about starting a paranormal group? Are you interested in hearing about someone’s experience doing both?

Then we recommend you read Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting by Brad Duplechien.

We here at Spectral Review listen and read a lot about the paranormal community. A recurring theme mentioned by many in the community are the petty jealousies and bickering that occur between members of paranormal groups, whether those people are in the same group or not. Most of these complaints lack any detail so someone from the outside world like us doesn’t really understand what the problems entail. Perhaps these people don’t want to finger and single out others. Fortunately for us, Brad Duplechien doesn’t have that problem. :)

The tome Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting immerses us into the world of paranormal investigation, a glimpse at some of the people in it, and the problems that arise. We found Mr Duplechien’s writing style very enjoyable. As a reader you feel like you are in a comfortable rocking chair and Mr Duplechien is across from you, telling you about his journey as a paranormal investigator while you sit back and enjoy the story telling.

In his writing, Mr Duplechien covers Louisiana folklore, ghost hunting basics including the basic tools used by investigators. Much of the book covers the many places he has investigated and the people he had to deal with along the way.

This is a really good book and again if you are interested in seeing the world of the paranormal investigator from the inside we recommend that you get Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting."

                                                                          -Spectral Review


"Brad Duplechien, the founder of Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations, not only offers up great ghost stories in his self-published book, Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting (iUniverse), but explains how he got into the business and his travails along the way. Part spook fest, part tell-all, it's a wonderful look into the world of ghost hunting.

Duplechien starts the book with his first paranormal experience in a notoriously creepy cemetery in central Louisiana called Fort Derussy, near the remains of the Civil War defense along the Red River. His description of the cemetery visits are enough to give ghost lovers a great thrill, but it's only a taste of what is to come. After Duplechien discovers ghost hunting from the popular TV show, he realizes he wants to learn the trade and begins by hooking up with other investigators via the Internet and having his own investigation fall into his lap. His first job (these are all volunteer) goes against Louisiana stereotypes, occurring on a piece of property with an abandoned home and two trailers -- no plantation here. What Duplechien discovers on this job gives him encouragement to continue even when politics, personalities and competition among paranormal groups flare up. While recounting the paranormal experiences of this household, for instance, he also describes the "sensitives" who tag along, two people Duplechien doesn't trust and who eventually work against the legitimacy of the group.

The author doesn't hold anything back, exposing the nasty backbiting of paranormal groups trying to establish themselves in the wake of the popularity of ghost hunting, and he's not scared to name names. Although I found the whole story of establishing himself as a ghost hunter fascinating, I would have preferred a bit more ghost stories. Let's hope there's a sequel. Public sites that Duplechien visited include Oak Alley, the Joseph Jefferson Mansion, Marland's Bridge in Sunset and Deridder Jail.

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