Welcome to GeoSpirits!

Welcome to our newest project: GeoSpirits! This is an all new, interactive map, listing MANY reportedly haunted locations throughout the United States! Here you will find Hotels, B & B's, cemeteries, historic locations, and battlefields. To begin your expedition, simply select from one of the states below. If you know of a location that isn't in our massive database, feel free to submit your locations(s) by either using the form provided or e-mailing us HERE !



We here at Louisiana Spirits cannot confirm nor deny the validity and accuracy of the reported "haunted" locations, as well as the "activity" that has been reported. Much of the data you will find in these maps are submitted by users, so we cannot give a 100% final approval that these locations contain the activity listed.

Safety First

Safety First!

As a safety disclaimer, we must remind you that when you visit these locations, please take all appropriate safety precautions. Never go alone, never go in an "undesirable" part of town, and always dress accordingly. We at LaSpirits are not responsible for any damage/injuries you may cause to yourself, others, and property by visiting these locations. Visit at your own risk!

Get Proper Approval

Get Proper Approval

We cannot stress enough the fact that although most of these locations are open to the general public to visit, you will most probably still need to get some form of consent from the owner/supervisory official that oversees these locations. Failure to do so can, and will, lead to criminal prosecution and more! Louisiana Spirits are, once again, not responsible for any actions taken upon you for not following these rules.

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Welcome to Louisiana Spirits' NEW interactive map system made for you, BAYOU (no pun intended!) From this portal, you will find several thousand locations throughout the United States, suspected to be haunted, or contain some sort of unknown phenomena. If you know of a location that is not listed within these maps, please utilize the submittal form under each map and add your own!


Now, to begin, simply PICK A STATE!


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California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming
Washington D.C.





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-We have now expanded to a much needed NOLA Chapter!


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